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Experience a Sedona Vortex This Fall

Experience the Sedona Vortex Near our Bed and BreakfastHave you ever experienced the healing energy of a Sedona Vortex? There is no shortage of reasons to visit the incredible town of Sedona and energetics is just the beginning. Whether you come for hiking, photography, art, or something else entirely, You’ll see from the moment you arrive just how magical Sedona is. Sedona has long placed wellness at the center of everyday life. Spas offer indigenous treatments and materials, and wellness practitioners are plentiful. The healing power of the Sedona vortex is at the heart of it all.  People travel from all over the world to experience this energy. This fall is the perfect chance to embrace the healing energy of the red rocks for yourself. Come join in the search for healing and leave feeling inspired. Book a room at our Sedona Bed and Breakfast today.

Healing Power of a Sedona Vortex

The Vortices of Sedona are thought to be swirling centers of energy; sacred places where the ground beneath your feet feels very much alive. It’s an interesting phenomenon, and they have long been revered for their healing properties. In all actuality, the entire town of Sedona is considered to be one big vortex, renowned for its healing energy. From the moment you arrive at our Bed and Breakfast, you’re likely to notice the difference. There’s something tangible in the air in Sedona, but it’s hard to describe unless you’ve felt it for yourself. While all of the red rocks may give off these transformative energies, there are certain places Experience the Sedona Vortex Near our Bed and Breakfastwhere you can experience these energies more intensely.

Each Sedona vortex offers something slightly unique, and at most you’ll find people practicing yoga, meditating, and otherwise absorbing energies in whatever way makes the most sense for them. There are 4 main destinations considered to harbor strong vortexes and a fifth that many people find healing in its own right.

  1. The Airport Mesa Vortex is an electric vortex and is considered to emit masculine energy. This particular vortex flows upward and generally leaves you feeling uplifted. It’s a great place to go when you need to gain a better perspective. This also happens to be a spectacular place to get a 360-degree panoramic view of Sedona itself.
  2. The vortex in front of Cathedral Rock is widely considered to be feminine energy.  It’s a place where you’ll find a healing sense of compassion and a desire to slow down. It’s the only major vortex of its kind, where the energy is generally regarded as flowing down into the earth, rather than upwards. This downward flow of energy is perfect for a little introspection.
  3. Bell Rock, another masculine and upward-flowing vortex, is a great place to go for a little perspective and problem-solving.
  4. The Boynton Canyon vortex has both masculine and feminine energies and thus is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for help finding the balance within yourself and the universe.
  5. The Chapel of the Holy Cross is quite a unique work of art, not to mention a great place to enjoy the views in Sedona. Though it’s not always considered a vortex, many claim it has its own energetic and spiritual powers.

If you’re short on time, you may want to consider joining one or more Sedona vortex tours, but you can visit each of them individually, too.

Continue the Healing at our Sedona Bed and Breakfast

Our Bed and Breakfast offers exceptional views of Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte. This fall, come in search of the healing energy of a Sedona vortex and find that our Inn is the perfect retreat. Here, you’ll find the time to need to breathe, relax, and just be at one with the healing energies flowing in and around you. The amenities at the Canyon Villa Bed and Breakfast in Sedona are unbeatable, ranging from a delicious and made-from-scratch breakfast each morning, afternoon appetizers and evening desserts, a full concierge service, deluxe linens, custom toiletries, luxurious robes to lounge in, and so much more.  This fall, come see what sets us apart from other hotels in Sedona.  Book a room at our luxury Bed and Breakfast today.

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