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Where to Find The Best Sedona Sunset Views

Seeing a Sedona sunset is an unforgettable experience and is one of the best reasons to come to this part of Arizona! The red rock faces, steep canyons, and impressive rock formations that make up the Sedona desert landscape create the perfect backdrop to reflect the beauty of the setting sun. Warm light bathes the scenic landscape and there are many opportunities to get out and find your favorite Sedona sunset spot. Any location in Sedona and the surrounding area is great to see the setting sun, but there are some locations that showcase certain red rock formations and capture the picturesque landscape better. Seeing a Sedona sunset is the perfect way to end a day in the desert.

Our Sedona bed and breakfast is the best place for luxury accommodations during your Arizona vacation! Our inn is situated amongst the gorgeous red rock landscape with Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte in full view. You can relax and rejuvenate after a day of hiking and exploration in your casual yet elegant guest room, set up with your ultimate comfort in mind.

At our quiet and peaceful bed and breakfast, you can unwind in our pool and courtyard or hang out in our large common areas. Here you can choose to be social, conversing with guests from all over the country, or you may want to retreat to your own tranquil space. The choice is yours at Canyon Villa. If you want the best place to stay for a memorable Sedona vacation, book your room today!

The best Sedona sunset views

Find The Best Sedona Sunset Views

Sunset in the Sedona desert is a magical time when the beautiful red rock formations and surrounding landscape become even more colorful. The skyline becomes a rainbow of red, orange, and purple hues. Seeing a Sedona sunset is a must-do when visiting and luckily there are many spots in the area that will give you incredible sunsets with jaw-dropping backdrops.

Here you will find lookouts and trails where you can hike to a sunset location, or simply drive to a spot and hang out in the comfort of your vehicle. Some people even choose to make an evening out of it and bring along a picnic dinner. Can’t beat this dinner and a show! Here are our favorite places to catch the best Sedona sunset views.

  1. When most people think of Sedona sunsets, what usually comes to mind is the Airport Mesa. This spot tends to be popular for sunset as it is both easily accessible by car and provides breathtaking panoramic views. This spot is also known as one of many vortex locations where you can tap into the energy of the earth. Find a quiet place here to meditate and watch a spectacular Sedona sunset.
  2. Cathedral Rock is a must to see a Sedona sunset. This trail is a steep uphill so it is best to tackle around sundown anyway, and while you are here you’ll be witness to a breathtaking sunset over the surrounding mountains. The top viewpoint here spreads out like a wide balcony allowing you to see a large expanse of the landscape.
  3. Bell Rock is another one of Sedona’s vortex locations. It is also a unique spot to catch a Sedona sunset as it is surrounded by magnificent rock formations that catch the golden hues of the fading light. While you can’t see the actual setting sun, you will be treated to a spectacular show of color, light, and rock here.
  4. If you are looking for a peaceful and more quiet place to watch a Sedona sunset try Red Rock Crossing along the beautiful Oak Creek trail. You’ll see incredible views of Cathedral Rock reflected in the water of the creek here.
  5. Considered one of the best hikes in Sedona, Devil’s Bridge is a must-see location and gets even more jaw-dropping during the golden hour of sunset. Here you’ll see the expanse of the valley below the bridge and this spot is more likely to be less crowded during the end of the day.
  6. For more of a local secret spot to watch a Sedona sunset, you may want to check out the Pyramid Mountain loop trail. This moderately easy trail will get you up to incredible views of Cathedral Rock and the surrounding landscape.
  7. Another not well-known and quieter place to see great sunset views in Sedona is the Cultural Park Trailhead. Here you can either sit in your car or bring a picnic to see Long Canyon, Boynton Canyon, and the Cockscomb all illuminated with the saturated hues of the sunset.

The best Sedona sunset views

The Perfect Sedona Lodging

Let our Sedona lodging be your perfect escape into the desert this season! After a day of exploration and adventure, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you are returning to your casual yet elegant accommodations. In your private guest room, you can relax in ultimate comfort. You’ll get a great night’s sleep in your bed fitted with deluxe linens and a plush mattress. Slip into your lounging robe and unwind.  Just outside are incredible views of the famous red rock formations this area is known for.

We offer guests a 3-course breakfast to get your day started out right, as well as afternoon appetizers and evening tea and desserts. During your stay at our luxurious Sedona bed and breakfast, you may want to take advantage of our incredible outdoor pool and courtyards surrounded by the stunning red rock landscape of the area. Our Arizona inn is truly an oasis where you will be able to slow down and de-stress. If you want the best place for the ideal Sedona getaway,  book your stay with us today!

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