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These Are The Best Hikes in Sedona For 2021

The hikes in Sedona take you to places of beauty and reflection all in stunning landscapes in the Arizona desert! Surrounded by the incredible red rock formations this area is well known for, Sedona is a place where getting outside is a way of life. Here you can choose to either challenge yourself with an all-day adventure or go for a quiet walk and soak in the tranquility of the land. The hikes that you go on will certainly be a highlight of your time here. What a better way to get to know a place than to get out in it?!

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hikes in Sedona

The Best Hikes in Sedona

Sedona Arizona is full of world-class hiking opportunities to get you out amongst this breathtaking landscape where you can be physically challenged or take a peaceful stroll through red rock country. With the Coconino National Forest as a backyard, there are dozens of trails to choose from and it can be overwhelming to pick just one. The unimaginable beauty of towering cliffs, serene creeks, geologic formations, and juniper forests will be something that you will remember for a lifetime. Here are our 10 favorite hikes in Sedona for 2021.

  1. One of the most popular hikes in Sedona (for a good reason) is Cathedral Rock Trail. This 1.2-mile round trip is a bit steep in places but there are plenty of opportunities to stop and look around to enjoy the view. At the top, you’ll see red rock formations and such as Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock in the distance. This a great place to appreciate a sunset as the rainbow of colors bounces of the landscape here.
  2. Soldier Pass Trail is a moderately rated 4.1-mile round trip hike with plenty to see the entire way. There are many natural features to explore such as the Devil’s Kitchen SInkhole, the Seven Sacred Pools, and caves. You may choose to do the whole loop or pick the sites you are interested in.
  3. Considered a hidden gem, The Birthing Cave is a must-see for hikes in Sedona. At 2 miles round trip, this short trail leads to a cave at the end with breathtaking views. This is a good place to stay awhile and admire the red rock country stretched out before you.
  4. If you are looking for a calm, scenic hike with shade and water, The West Fork Trail may be for you. Located in Oak Creek Canyon this 6.8 mile out and back is a serene stroll through a variety of terrain and scenery. You’ll observe plant life, a babbling creek, stunning red rock formations, and migrating songbirds in the spring.
  5. Fay Canyon Trail is one of the best short hikes in Sedona that will take you to the center of the iconic red rock formations. This 2.4-mile round trip offers a lot of shade to cool off and relax in.  Don’t miss the natural arch located just under a mile up the trail here. This picturesque canyon supports a diverse array of desert plants and offers good views of the surrounding cliffs.
  6. The Courthouse Butte Loop Trail features the two red rock formations of Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte. These impressive geologic landmarks are seen from our Sedona bed and breakfast! You’ll see classic red rock scenery along the way. Halfway around is the dome-shaped Spaceship rock which is a great place for a snack break.
  7. If you are seeking more solitude, the Woods Canyon Trail is one of the more secluded hikes in Sedona. This peaceful walk in the woods follows a long and meandering flat trail for 10 miles out and back, where the beautiful scenery keeps changing.
  8. Yet another trail that is less crowded among hikes in Sedona is Black Canyon. In the Spring this area is blanketed in wildflowers. At 8.3 miles and an elevation gain of 2,000 feet,  this hike is more challenging but you are rewarded with stunning views at every stop along the way.
  9. One of the great geologic formations in this part of Arizona is Devil’s Bridge. This is one of the better-known hikes in Sedona that you won’t regret seeing. Featuring Sedona’s largest sandstone arch this hike leads to the top where there are jaw-dropping views.
  10. One of the more mystical hikes in Sedona is the Airport Mesa Trail. This is the site of one of many vortices that are sprinkled throughout the Sedona area. This highly accessible trail is in close proximity to town and includes some of the best views of all the hikes in Sedona with beautiful views of the red rocks.

hikes in Sedona

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